Our New 75 Gallon Saltwater Tank

So the hobby has become addicting.  After adding a Yellow Tang to our 30 gallon (we know, a big no-no) we decided that for the good of the fish, we'd have to get him a bigger home!  Enter our 75 gallon tank.  We transferred everything from the 30 gallon into the 75 and bought a lot more rock.  We still have the 15 gallon tank on our bar as a FOWLR tank.  The 75 gallon has 115 pounds of live rock, an AquaC Remora Protein Skimmer with Maxi-Jet 1200 Pump, a 96 watt PC light (we need a bigger one), a BioWheel filter, and a 175 GPH - Model 30 Aquaclear Powerhead.

Our new tank has been up now since 4/15/2007 and contains:
 1 Yellow Tang (Zebrasoma flavescens), 1 Cleaner Shrimp, 1 Six Line Wrasse (Pseudocheilinus hexataenia), 2 Ocellaris Clownfish (Amphiprion ocellaris) and 1 Flame Firefish (N. decora).  For coral we have 1 Bubble Coral  (Plerogyra sinuosa), 1 Candy Cane Coral (Caulastrea furcata), 4 Red Mushrooms (Actinodiscus sp.), 1 Ricordea Mushroom - Blue/Green (Caribbean), 3 Hairy Mushrooms (Rhodactis indosinensis), 5 Button Polyps (Protopalythoa sp.), Brown Zoanthids (Zoanthus sp.), 8 cup corals (Pseudocorynactis)(Rhizangiids), 1 Galaxea fascicularis, many snails, crabs, sea stars, many sea squirts (tunicates), an awsome anemone that hitchhiked on a rock, feather dusters, clams and other hitchhikers (our Xeniia didn't make it and melted one day)..

Pictures at 2 months old.


The tank is up and running!

Transferring the 30 gallon to the 75 gallon (it took forever for the water to clear up - Bob almost lost his patience!).



Our 15 Gallon Saltwater Tank

Our 15 gallon tank now holds 18 pounds of live rock, 1 peppermint shrimp, 1 Pajama Cardinal, 1 Blue Chromis, and 1 Firefish.  It's a FOWLR tank with black sand, a Odyssea PS 75 Protein Skimmer (w/EX240 Powerhead), standard lighting, and a biowheel filter.

Added 1 Percula clown fish (Nemo), 3 bubble corals, 1 new snail and a new 95 watt light lid with a glass top


A polyp and a feather duster popped out of our live rock

Bubble Coral Pictures

22 lbs live rock, 3 turbo snails, 4 hermit crabs, 2 yellow tail blue damsels (Zipper & Zippy), 1 serpent starfish, one unidentified crab and one polyp

6lbs live rock, 1 yellow tail blue damsel (Zipper)


Our 30 Gallon Saltwater Tank (now retired)

After some territorial fish problems (a homicidal yellow tail blue damsel) and a Nemo that went on a hunger strike, we decided to double the size of our tank!  We added to it all previous rock and crushed coral, plus 20 pounds of live sand and 20 more pounds of live rock (for a total of 42 pounds).  The live rock came with a sea cucumber, 2 more crabs, an orange starfish, some type of anemone or coral, a mushroom coral, a sea squirt and an awsome orange encrusted bivalve.  New tank is up and running and waiting for fish!